About Us

About Feather-Magazine

So who are or is Feather-Magazine?

And who are they to talk about my favorite animal and hobby?

Allow us to explain.

Beautiful Bird Perched on a Branch

We are a group of like-minded souls who were once part of a large birdwatching group and social media community page, with over 300,000 members. 

Many of us in this team were in fact owners/creators of these huge social groups or worked our way up to admin in our related groups.

We are not all from the same area and we share various experiences in the birdwatching world, including people from many different walks of life.

What is our aim?

Our group is getting older, some of us have settled down with families, moved away with new jobs or simply don’t have the time to get out into the wild anymore and observe this beautiful creature.

However, we have kept in touch, all the same, thanks to the birth of the internet and social media, its now very easy to stay in touch and share the odd trip or event coming up.

Many people in our community groups would come to us for advice or suggestions, as it’s apparent we share a wealth of experience and interesting stories, as do our other members.

It was suggested we make a website to consolidate all our information and experience into one place that the world can see, voila the feather-magazine was born. 

So what do you do?

We intend to co-create with professional writers and bird experts from all walks of life.

Creating top content for bird enthusiasts and birdwatchers, additionally, anyone looking to buy bird-related products can find thorough and detailed reviews of the top products on the market here. (that actually work)

Providing product reviews for bird-related products like birdfeeders, birdbaths and informational posts on how/what and when to feed all species of birds, to name just a few.

The caring for, behavior and information on a variety of species of birds too.

Get in Touch

We are always looking to expand our team with like-minded people who are passionate about birds and have knowledge of products, birds and birdwatching experience.

Please get in touch via our contact page to discuss potential opportunities between us.